LilyZena.com is the brainchild of Lilyanna and PanZena.  Make’s sense right? One fateful day in 2016 they decided it would be neat to create their own crafting business. It literally all started during a conversation at lunch. Now here we are!  Of course there was a bit more too it than that but isn’t there always?

About Us:


Lily is the designer of the site, log and brand.  She loves painting, jewelry making, molding clay, sewing and more.  Lily is always up for trying a new craft and hopes this will keep her items for you to choose from varied and fun. Oh and she’s a natural geek at heart. Expect nerdy things to be her specialty.


Panzena is our business tycoon.  She loves stamping, scrap booking, jewelry making, cake decorating and lots more!  If it’s out there Zena can probably figure out how to make it work so expect a lot of fun, beautiful items from her!

Together we make LilyZena – A handcrafted company whose mission statement is pretty simple: 

To create good quality hand-crafted items that our customers can love and be proud of!